Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yes? No?

I'm thinking about cutting my hair. A year ago, I decided to bleach it blonde (stupidest thing ever), and then tried to color over it (and the color ended up being the next thing lighter than black). So it's been a while, and I now have brown hair a little past my shoulders, with 3 inches of blonde on the top. All the brown is dead and gross, and I'm done with it. So, tell me. Cut it/Don't cut it, and/or which one:


Mostly a joke :) 3.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm in a biology class right now, and it has a lab that is required. It is a three hour class and mine just happens to start at 6:05 in the afternoon and goes until 8:55. Awesome, I know. So far, we have seen a cadaver, dissected a sheep brain, and this Thursday we got to cut open a sheep eyeball. Of all the things to get grossed out on, the eyeball was the worst. I normally just tell myself, thats not a real cadaver. It's fake! Or, thats not a real sheep brain, it's just made out of some kind of soft rubber. But for the eyeball, there were nerves on it and it juiced all over me.

I think the lab is actally my favorite class that I'm taking right now. Actually, I don't really have any other choices for favorite classes. Sociology of Work? No. PreCalculus? Are you kidding me? No. Computer Information Systems? Soooo boring. My Kinesiology class is annoying as well. Haha! Annoying as well. Thats funny!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yoostar video!

Jeanie told me about some booth that was on campus where we could get free mascara, but in order to get it, you had to try out this new game or something. This is called Yoostar, and its like the video version of Singstar. There's a greenscreen and all! If you don't know, this is a clip from Some Like It Hot. :) Such a good movie.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I love looking through my pictures on my computer and finding ones that make me smile! This one in particular just makes me happy! Our ward in Safford started at 9 am. It wasn't a happy time, but this day it was good. It was a perfect weather day and you can see the dark clouds coming over the mountain. I love rainstorms in Safford! It was so great living right below the mountain. That meant when the mountain got rain, we got rain. Loved it! Anyway, we randomly decided to have a Gordon/Soprano photoshoot right after we pulled into the driveway. No smiling allowed! I love that Sarah and Jesse took it so seriously! This was very long ago. The younger two look so mini! I love all these people! And the photographer. And the guy who had to stay at the church longer on account of he was the bishop. Another little bit of information, notice my awesome ankle tan. WHITE FEET! Dark legs. This was the end of my Junior year, meaning I was doing pole-vault with Dallin. If you couldn't tell by my obviously slim post-volleyball physique that I was a pole-vaulter, the sock tan was a dead give away... :) It was fun though! And it gave me something to write about on my '2 years later' blog! Haha!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holy Missionaries!!!!

So, Chris is back, David comes home today, and Dallin comes home in December. 2 years already? Really? That went by really fast! It seems like just yesterday that they ditched us to go serve. Dallin has been talking to his mission president to see when he will be coming home because school starts around the time he should be getting home. School starts on January 19th and he needs some time to get everything taken care of (clothes, living, registration, scholarship). In other words, he is coming home a little sooner than January 16th. He was shooting for December 17th, but got stuck with the 28th. Really? The 28th? 3 days? I'm sad about that. He's not going to have the huge family gathering at the airport that he thought he was going to have, but since Delaware is a few states away from Arizona, I'm thinking we might bring a mini Christmas tree or something and come in our pajamas. Or something. Fun ideas for that would be helpful! Holy Cow! I'm so excited for that day!

Chris' farewell (from left): Chris-Mozambique, Meagan, David- Brazil, Eric-Korea I believe?, Dallin-Texas :), Dena, Me.

Mom :)

It's entertaining to alternate between these pictures multiple times.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Glasses!

I just bought these super cute prescription glasses for $25!!!

I love getting new glasses! And the fact that they are so cheap makes it 10 times better! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July!

This trip to Delaware has been full of a lot of "Ultimates". The ultimate birthday party in New York City, the ultimate summer job working right on the beach, and now, the ultimate 4th of July. Olive Clawson who is an awesome lady from our ward in Safford, invited us to DC to sit with her family for the fireworks. We sat directly under the Washington Memorial facing the Lincoln Memorial. It was a long wait for the fireworks, but it was enough time for us to go to some Smithsonians and the other Memorials.

I hate sharks, but I'm soooo glad they aren't this big. How's that for positivity?

Sarah-zona. Get it? Haha!

This was in one of the Smithsonians and I was so excited because I knew what it was! It is called the Code of Hammurabi. I learned about it in one of my classes, but thats ALL I know about it... :)

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

We went fishing...

Jeanie has never been fishing before and she caught three flounder! We kept the biggest one and ate it that night.

Ugly? Why did they choose Flounder for Little Mermaid?

Guess what I caught? :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Journal Entry #2- Embarrassing Moment

I have 2 funny stories. Lucky you.
#1. During my freshman year in volleyball, my coach let me play varsity for one game because someone was injured or something. It was a really good team and they were beating us real bad. She put me in back row, which is digging spikes and all that HARD stuff. The big hitter on the other team was going up for the spike or something and I was too close to the net. She swung and the ball slammed me right in the face. When this happens to someone, we call it a focker. It sounds really bad, but thats just what it is called. I think this is the worst thing that can happen to someone on the volleyball court. It's like, the ultimate shame or something. But, our team had bets for every game; whoever fockers someone, they get a dollar from everyone on the team. Anyway, as soon as this happens, I look up and see the whole team on the other side of the net high fiving that girl and some of my teammates are laughing as well. I can't blame them. It's hillarious to see. Some of the crowd is laughing as well, and my coach calls a timeout. Which prolongs the laughing. The coach's pep talk was this: "We can still do this! We got this! Get mad girls! Get mad! You just got hit in the face! Aren't you mad?" ? I'm pretty embarrassed actually. I guess she didn't hear the whole gym laughing... :/
#2. For P.E. one year in high school, we were riding bikes. It was fun and we got to race and just play on bikes the whole time. I had to stay and pick up the cones after it was time to leave. The whole class was on the other side of the football field and I had the cones in one hand. I was focusing on the cones and looking across the field at my piers. I totally forgot about the speed bumps... Imagine this in slow-motion: I look down, see the speed bump, reach for the break with my on hand, front wheel bounces up and over, handlebars turn completely around because I can't balance, cones fly in every direction, I am on hands and toes skidding across asphalt, right knee stuck under the bike. I felt just as rediculous as I looked in your mind. I get up as fast as I can and imediately look around. I don't see anyone, so I grab the cones and start walking the bike back as fast as I can. I'm half way there when a large suburban pulls up with all kinds of hot Senior jocks. They ask if I'm alright with a slight scent of sarcasm. I reassure them that I'm fine and ride off with my cones. In the locker room, everyone noticed that my knee was bleeding and I told them that I was attacked by a savage clan of stray dogs and thats all I got from it. Not really. I told them I fell...

Journal Entry #1- My name

#1 journal entry. Here we go.

I wasn't named after anyone in my family. I got my name because my mother had a list of childrens names and crossed them off as she got more and more nieces and nephews. I used to think I had an old lady's name because of The Wizard of Oz (Aunty Em), but no longer. I'm cool with it. I think the other alternative for my birth certificate was Elizabeth. I love that name and I remember being bitter for a couple of minutes in my younger years because it wasn't my name. I might like it a little more now because of Pirates of the Caribbean...

Also! Once upon a time, my mom wanted my middle name to be Bliss? My angel father convinced her that the middle names should only go to the boys in the family. I think he started that idea because he was scared of what middle name she would give Sarah... :) Just kidding! I like my unofficial middle name! It's a fun story and I like making fun of it with everyone else! Haha! Emily Bliss.... yeah. I'm glad it's not for real!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cape Henlopen

We went to the fishing pier while there was still 'rain with a chance of lightening' and no one was allowed in the water. Notice the blue skies? Yeah. There was no rain. So we waited until the 2 clouds passed us...

And then we went to the beach! I wish our state park had a beach... Notice the pine trees right before the water? I think thats pretty cool/different.

We occasionally get dolphins that swim 15-20 feet from us and we freak out a little. Happy fish like dolphins shouldn't have the same scary fin like a shark. Especially if they swim that close.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This is what I got to do for my star birthday. I LOVED NY! Thanks Mom, for taking us!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


So this is me posting using my mother's phone on account of they don't have internet yet. She got this new phone and gets inernet free for a month, so whatever. Um. My first experience on the east coast was intersting. My mother went to the wrong airport to pick me up. I forgive her though. I mostly make fun of her because things like that only happen in the movies, right? We drove through DC on the way to Lewes and it is amazing! I'm excited to walk around and see eveything for real! It was dark on the way home and for the whole two hours it felt like we were driving down Loan Star Road on the way to the Herrington's house. The houses are amazalng and everything is so green! The ocean being 10 minutes away is a plus as well. :) I already have a sunburn...

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, since my family doesn't have internet up there yet, I will relay all the things my mother sends to me. They are looking at houses, and I just think it is exciting! She was driving around with the realtor the other day and these are some of the houses they looked at.



Personally, I like number 1 the most. I like the brick stuff on number 2 though...What's with the east and 2 story houses?

Friday, May 1, 2009


Would anyone be willing to take care of a beta fish for 3 months? I can't really take it with me on a plane... you just have to change the water in the bowl every once in a while and feed it once a day. Anyone? Anyone?

Monday, April 20, 2009


Since Thursday, I have been getting funny texts from my sister who was on my mother's cellphone. I got some funny pictures...

Texas! Does'nt it look like a painting?

Haha! So much driving...


I'm moving up there for the summer and I am planning on working as a lifeguard at a random clubhouse. Ultimate summer job, don't ya think? I'm excited! Jeanie is coming too! I'm leaving I think on May 13th, which is the day after my last final. Holy Cow! My family moved to Delaware! I'm still in shock....