Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th...

So, Dallin is gone to Chicago for the summer. :( I'm going to miss my crazy brother. But, on a glass is half full note, he left his roadster bike here for me to use to get to work! If you haven't read my previous post about my skateboard, read it now. I'll wait for you....

Ok. So, it takes me 30 minutes on my skateboard. On this bike??? 10 minutes!
Best Birthday of my life!

This morning I worked at both places, meaning OfficeMax from 8-4, then Nike from 5:15 to 10. So, I had to hurry and ride my bike home before my friend Derek gave me a ride to Scottsdale. I was going south on Rural and I was about to cross Southern. The white "walk" man and just turned into the red flashing hand, so I had plenty of time to get across. I'm going normal cruising speed on a bike, and I make my way into the cross walk. Then, some SUV does a little stop and look for oncoming traffic, and starts to merge. With my bike.

Thats right. I got hit by a car. I noticed she was going to accelerate, so I tried to slam my breaks, which squealed, and tried to swerve out of the way, but she nailed the back end and knocked me over. I almost was forced into oncoming traffic, but I managed to stay in the crosswalk. So, I get up, stand there looking at where I am for 5 seconds, then pick my bike up and walk it back to the sidewalk I just came from. She rolls down her window and asks me if I'm ok, and thats when I start shaking and the adrenaline kicks in. And the hysteria. I look myself over and realize I'm not hurt at all and say with a big smile and a laugh, "Yeah, I'm fine!" She says are you sure, I say yeah I'm good, and.... She drives AWAY! The car behind her stops and asks if I'm alright because I'm just standing there on the sidewalk with my hand over my heart and my other hand on my forehead. Again, I'm good. They say to me, "That was a close call!" And I laugh and say "YEAH IT WAS!" with maybe a little bit too much force.

So, the moral of this story boys and girls, is that I've had Dallin's very nice roadster bike for a grand total of 1 and a half days. And now the back tire is wonky. I'm never riding a bike on Friday the 13th again.