Sunday, May 17, 2009


So this is me posting using my mother's phone on account of they don't have internet yet. She got this new phone and gets inernet free for a month, so whatever. Um. My first experience on the east coast was intersting. My mother went to the wrong airport to pick me up. I forgive her though. I mostly make fun of her because things like that only happen in the movies, right? We drove through DC on the way to Lewes and it is amazing! I'm excited to walk around and see eveything for real! It was dark on the way home and for the whole two hours it felt like we were driving down Loan Star Road on the way to the Herrington's house. The houses are amazalng and everything is so green! The ocean being 10 minutes away is a plus as well. :) I already have a sunburn...

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, since my family doesn't have internet up there yet, I will relay all the things my mother sends to me. They are looking at houses, and I just think it is exciting! She was driving around with the realtor the other day and these are some of the houses they looked at.



Personally, I like number 1 the most. I like the brick stuff on number 2 though...What's with the east and 2 story houses?

Friday, May 1, 2009


Would anyone be willing to take care of a beta fish for 3 months? I can't really take it with me on a plane... you just have to change the water in the bowl every once in a while and feed it once a day. Anyone? Anyone?