Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yes? No?

I'm thinking about cutting my hair. A year ago, I decided to bleach it blonde (stupidest thing ever), and then tried to color over it (and the color ended up being the next thing lighter than black). So it's been a while, and I now have brown hair a little past my shoulders, with 3 inches of blonde on the top. All the brown is dead and gross, and I'm done with it. So, tell me. Cut it/Don't cut it, and/or which one:


Mostly a joke :) 3.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm in a biology class right now, and it has a lab that is required. It is a three hour class and mine just happens to start at 6:05 in the afternoon and goes until 8:55. Awesome, I know. So far, we have seen a cadaver, dissected a sheep brain, and this Thursday we got to cut open a sheep eyeball. Of all the things to get grossed out on, the eyeball was the worst. I normally just tell myself, thats not a real cadaver. It's fake! Or, thats not a real sheep brain, it's just made out of some kind of soft rubber. But for the eyeball, there were nerves on it and it juiced all over me.

I think the lab is actally my favorite class that I'm taking right now. Actually, I don't really have any other choices for favorite classes. Sociology of Work? No. PreCalculus? Are you kidding me? No. Computer Information Systems? Soooo boring. My Kinesiology class is annoying as well. Haha! Annoying as well. Thats funny!