Monday, April 20, 2009


Since Thursday, I have been getting funny texts from my sister who was on my mother's cellphone. I got some funny pictures...

Texas! Does'nt it look like a painting?

Haha! So much driving...


I'm moving up there for the summer and I am planning on working as a lifeguard at a random clubhouse. Ultimate summer job, don't ya think? I'm excited! Jeanie is coming too! I'm leaving I think on May 13th, which is the day after my last final. Holy Cow! My family moved to Delaware! I'm still in shock....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conference Weekend!

This weekend was fun! I love conference weekend. This one was an interesting one though, because, I just now thought of this, it was my last conference weekend with my family in Safford! Holy moley! On Friday night when I got there, 8th ward was having a reunion party?. Everyone who was ever in 8th ward was there. There were all kinds of skits and such. I was drafted into 2. I got to do the To-De-Ta with all the primary kids. I also got to help with the Relief Society skit. Theirs was Funny! It was an exercise class, and it was where one person sits on someone else's stomach so it looks like your legs are their legs. Yes, I got to be the legs. Of the "exercise instructors"! She had me doing scissor kicks and stretching and it was a whole ab workout! I was sore after that! It was fun though! On Saturday my family did some yard work. There is now grass in our front yard! We put sod down and it took a long time to do. On Sunday, we watched conference and I shelled a large bag of pecans. I don't know how Grandma Carpenter could have done that so long! I was frustrated when i couldn't get a whole pecan out! She was a master pecan sheller, so I guess practice makes perfect. Speaking of practice makes perfect, I am now pro at longboard falling. Yes, I did it again. I was going down the hill right by our house and Sarah was RipStick-ing with me. I guess my longboard thought it was a RipStick, so it started fishtailing. It freaked me out, so I jumped off. My landing was as follows: Left knee makes contact, hands go out, slide on my belly, right forearm loses skin, right hip looks like I got in a fight with Wolverine. The bishop who replaced my dad was actually out walking with his wife and saw the whole thing. He helped me up and I was bleeding. The only thing that hurt at that moment were my hands so I just walked up the hill. Sarah was kind of freaking out. My mom did freak out. It looked like it was hurting her more than it was hurting me! Haha! We heard my dad shut his car door outside and Jesse yelled, "Run! Dads here! He's gonna pour alcohol on it!" We all laughed, but I did try run because we all knew it was true. Right when he walked in, mom said that I fell and I showed him. The first thing he says is, "Oh, man! You need some alcohol on it?" HAHA! We all laughed. I did NOT pour alcohol on my wounds, are you kidding!? So yeah. My arm hurts, my side hurts, and my knee hurts. Thank you conference weekend! :)

Battle Wounds!

My arm

My hip

My knee.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh My Goodness!!!

My family is moving to Delaware!!!! Where did that even come from!? Delaware of all places! Oh my word! I think I'm more excited than scared now. When my dad first came home and told us that his old boss offered him a job in Delaware, my first thought was, "Hey thats cool, but yeah right! Delaware? Psshh!" Then they started talking about it being a possibility. I was really scared about it then because all I thought about was how far away that is! Then, my dad sends his resume in and the people pay for my mom and dad to go visit. They come back and say they are feeling good about it, and now that they are home, it is a done deal!!!!! I haven't really freaked out or had a nervous breakdown, which I thought I would, but I think I'm 'calm' about it because they are doing the right thing and I believe they are doing the right thing. Holy Moley! Delaware! Of all places! Those are the same phrases that have been going through my head for the past couple of days. Holy Cow! Delaware! HAHAHA!

My mom sent me pictures the whole time they were there and I think it helped my process from being completely terrified to totally excited!

This is the house she wants. I love it! I think it is so cute and she said it is 4 bedrooms and there is a basement. 3 Story. Holy Cow. And the backyard is literally a lake. HAHA!