Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yoostar video!

Jeanie told me about some booth that was on campus where we could get free mascara, but in order to get it, you had to try out this new game or something. This is called Yoostar, and its like the video version of Singstar. There's a greenscreen and all! If you don't know, this is a clip from Some Like It Hot. :) Such a good movie.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I love looking through my pictures on my computer and finding ones that make me smile! This one in particular just makes me happy! Our ward in Safford started at 9 am. It wasn't a happy time, but this day it was good. It was a perfect weather day and you can see the dark clouds coming over the mountain. I love rainstorms in Safford! It was so great living right below the mountain. That meant when the mountain got rain, we got rain. Loved it! Anyway, we randomly decided to have a Gordon/Soprano photoshoot right after we pulled into the driveway. No smiling allowed! I love that Sarah and Jesse took it so seriously! This was very long ago. The younger two look so mini! I love all these people! And the photographer. And the guy who had to stay at the church longer on account of he was the bishop. Another little bit of information, notice my awesome ankle tan. WHITE FEET! Dark legs. This was the end of my Junior year, meaning I was doing pole-vault with Dallin. If you couldn't tell by my obviously slim post-volleyball physique that I was a pole-vaulter, the sock tan was a dead give away... :) It was fun though! And it gave me something to write about on my '2 years later' blog! Haha!