Monday, July 28, 2008


There is beauty all around
When there's love at home;

There is joy in ev'ry sound
When there's love at home.

Peace and plenty here abide,
Smiling sweet on ev'ry side.

Time doth softly, sweetly glide
When there's love at home.

Love at home,
Love at home;

Time doth softly, sweetly glide

When there's love at home.

I love you Grandma!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why not?

Cuz I'm a blonde, B-L-O-N-D...E?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


On July 3rd, my family and Aunt Nona, Dena, and Lela, went to California! I love that place. But before we get to the enjoyable stuff, lets begin with how we got there. 13 Hours on a Train!!!! We left at midnight from Tucson. We were supposed to sleep, but no. Dena and I colored puppies and cats for 3 hours. It took forever. Never want to do that again. It is in the past now. July 4th was spent in the hotel, IHOP, and at Marina Del Ray. Thats where the fireworks were. Lame. Saffords are way better. We left early and still didn't get to the hotel until 12:30 in the morn'. Because, the car rental place didn't give us a car because they closed at 2:00. We rode the bus. Public transportation. Not fun. We were happy the next day to get our two matching HHR's. The Gordon car was silver, and the Herrington was gold. We went to the beach that day. I body boarded. I love that stuff. It was super fun. I mostly did it with Sarah for an hour. I got sunburned again. Surprise. But this time on the back of my legs. Painful, let me tell you. We also saw dolphins right where we were swimming. They were just swimming around. I would have freaked out completely if I was out there when they swam by. I hate sharks. Anyways, Sunday, we went to church. The building was, I think, an old Catholic church because they had the holy water bowl up by the pulpit, but the pulpit was off to the side. And the windows had stained glass, and there was some wierd open window off to the side of the pulpit where othere people were sitting. Perpendicular to us. Strange. But, the weather there was so nice, that they just openned all the windows. There was a breeze that was just as good as air conditioning. So nice! After church, we ate our meal that we bought the night before. We got chicken, mashed potatoes, cheesy broccoli, and malted shakes and ate them in our hotel room. My family is so goofy. Thats was makes us fun. I think... After that, we drove to the LA temple. It was huge and on a hill. We walked around and took lots of pictures. Dena fell UP the hill. Ha ha! My family then went to Rhodeo Drive and walked around. We looked at all the crazy stores, and all the displayed clothes that i would never wear if i could afford them. Because they were all ugly. One looked like what Michael Jackson wears in his Rock With You video.
Yes, sparkly and silver. Bleh. We then drove around Beverly Hills. We passed Marylin Monroe's house, and all the other crazy, huge, beautiful, fountained, gated houses. One of them had 8 cars in front. What in the world would I do with 8 cars? I wouldn't even want eight cars right now. After that, we went and walked on the Santa Monica pier. That was.... interesting.

It was fun to see what it was like, but... yeah. We also went to the carousel. We found out it is the same one in The Sting, which stars Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Cool bit of information. Good movie too. Its like the origional Oceans 11 or Italian Job. Monday, the Herringtons went to Disneyland! and my family went to Hollywood! We walked up and down, taking pictures of the stars, and stopping at the Chinese theater. Graumans? I dont know how its spelled. Something like that. We also took pictures of the hands and feet in the cement. Very cool. Will Smith has very big feet. After all that, we went back to the beach. I body boarded with my dad, which was an adventure! We had fun. Didn't get sunburnt that time. We then rented bikes and rode around for an hour. It was fun, except I almost flattened a small boy. Litterally, I screeched my tires and everything. I left a long black mark from my tire and almost had a heart attack. Whew! After turning our bikes in, we watched some loser buff guys on Venice beach try to show off. They had the rings that you swing on, hard to describe, and they made it down and back, but this little cowboy kid comes along and does all these flips and stuff, and totally shows them up. It was funny. My dad wanted to prove something to himself, so he climbed up the rope which was about 25 feet high. On the way down he burned the skin off his leg. It was gross. The next day was leaving day. We turned our car in and rode a bus for the last time. We flew home at 3:50, got back to Tucson, and I am finally home! Sad that vacation goes so fast. It was super fun. I wish that i could live in a city like that, where you can walk where you want to without sweating or dying of heat stroke. Or where you can walk to work, or ride a bike, or take a bus. I love places like that. But i know i could never live there, because i probably wouldn't be able to take it. I'm too country. or whatever. I think those might be lyrics to some song...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Little brother...

This morning, our family was discussing what we needed to do before we left for our vacation. Ex: Laundry, clean our rooms, dust, mop, and spray for bugs. We found two scorpions this morning. Anyways, beside the point. My mother was asking what we needed to buy here because it is expensive in California. Jesse pipes up and say Make up! We all look at him and I say, "Do you need make up Jesse, cuz i dont." I was talking for inventory purposes only. He thought it was a self confidence thing because he gave me an 'are you serious look' with the eyebrow and everything. I laughed and called him a jerk. In a nice way. I wont take it personally because i wasnt wearing any at the time, with it being 9 in the morning and all. Funny boy. I will miss him and his growing up-ness.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another reason.

I also wanted to start my own blog because I wanted to tell what happened to me. I feel like a little kid when my mom puts something about me on her blog. It's like she's saying "Jesse lost a tooth today. We are so proud! And Sarah got new glasses. She looks so cute in them! Ooh! and Emily registered for ASU the other day! How great is that! Our kids are growing up so fast!" Little kid. Love her. You will probably get the same information on both blogs, because she will still put me on there, but there will be two point of views. or points of view. i dont know. I'll ask grandma.

Here I am...

Hello all! What does everyone say when they start a blog? I guess since everyone else is doing it, i guess i can't be left out of the circle... or, oh no! I've been sucked in! or whatever. So thats what I say. Here I am. This is for family that I am moving away from mostly. But I can use it to get to know other family better. Since I'm moving next door to you and all. And because I will most likely be babysitting your kids. Fun! I'm excited!