Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Early to bed, and early to rise, will make a man healthy and wealthy and wise!

Well, I am not wealthy, wise, or a man! So there!
I was hoping that over Christmas break I would I guess train myself? to go to bed earlier and go to sleep earlier. Didn't work so well. I was planning on going to bed at at least 10:30 last night, but Jeanie and I were awake 'til 12:30. :) I have a feeling that I am going to regret signing up for a 7:30am math class. I'm sad about it. Anyway, this is how my first day of classes went. Woke up at 6:00, left at 7:00, got to the institute parking, was told to park in the visitors parking lot until I got my card validated, left my car in the visitors parking lot, went to my 7:30 class, tried not to fall asleep through her syllabus review, went to the institute building to fix my card, went to move my car, tried to give the guy $4, realized I didn't have any cash, parked again, walked to the ATM at the bookstore, walked back to the parking garage, paid, drove to the FREE parking garage, and then sat in the institute building until my next class at 12:00. All of this before 9 in the morning. I hear that I got good institute teachers, so I'm excited for that. I am also taking an Art History class, which is in Murdock Lecture Hall. Meaning 500 people. Fun. I already know tomorrow will be better because my first class starts at 10:40. :) I love sleeping in!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What do you do in Safford?

Watch cute kids,

Go to the Fair Grounds,

Play with Coke and Mentos,

and Make bombs!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


i am: Emily Bliss :)
i want: long hair!!!!!
i wish: i knew....
i miss: my brother!
i fear: attention.
i feel: restless.
i hear: Lenka- The Show. Great song!
i smell: homemade cinnamon swirl bread!!
i crave: a red mixed burro from the Burger House! Yum!!!
i search: for fun things to do!
i wonder: about the future.
i regret: not talking sometimes.
i love: my family and friends!
i care: about school.
i always: wear my retainer. ?
i have: short hair that I am trying to grow out!!!
i need: to quit going to bed at 1,2, or 3 in the morning!
i dance: in the car with animal noses. Or by myself when people aren't watching.
i don’t always: talk.
i fight: with Sarah a lot, Jesse sometimes, my mom for fun, and Jeanie of course! Because it's fun! :)
i write: in my journal a lot.
i lose: my train of thought.
i win: wrestling matches! He he!
i listen: a lot. Try at least!
i am scared: to death of Sharks! and failure, and not being liked.
i think: I am crazy!!! :)

New Years!

We went the F1 Race Factory! That is a cool place!

There was go-kart racing, which was probably my favorite, rock climbing, which I helped run, :) a Segway obstacle course, and dancing!

We stayed there for the countdown, but then we went and rode on the light rail!

When we got to Main, a TON of people got on! One of the many was this drunk man! He smelled terrible and was completely wasted, but he was fun to confuse and talk to!

Some more drunk people. They were very...touchy. That is the drunk mans hand up by my face! Smelly man!!!!

Happy 2009!