Monday, December 29, 2008


I took these, like, 2 years ago. I think I went through a phase? A multiple picture phase? I don't know. But they are fun!

D, A, L, L2, I, and I think N is knocking on the door...

Jesse's One Man Band. Ha!

E, M, I, L, and Y is under the table. :) I need a Sarah picture....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 27, 2008

My Great Grandmother was born on December 27, 1908.

We helped celebrate her 100th birthday this weekend!

This is her with her oldest Great Great Grandchild!

4 Generations: My grandmother, My great grandmother, Me, and my Mom.

Friday, December 26, 2008

I love Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a good one too!

We woke up to this!

It started right behind that house across the street. Way cool!

I helped pick out that jacket! I was actually hoping she wouldn't like it so I could take it home. :)


I got to talk to Dallin! So much fun! Be jealous....

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Jeanie and I came to Safford on Tuesday for the Due West concert on Wednesday. In the morning on Wednesday, we went up the mountain. We found the best possible spot to play! We took our 2 boogy boards and used them as sleds. I think they worked 10 times better than sleds. We found a hill with an already made ramp at the bottom.
P.S. They are blurry because
1. My dad took them :), and
2. They are from my phone. Which I dropped in the snow. While I was body boarding down a hill. Therefore, it got wet. Thats why my dad was holding it in the first place.
The Hill
Jesse flying off the ramp!

P.P.S. The concert was fun too! I like Due West!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dallin Philip Rap!

Dallin sends us tapes. They are funny. He rapped to us on the last one, so we decided to make him one. Jeanie and I decided to use funny quotes from his tape and put them in our rap. He WILL like it. I definitely enjoy it! :)

Go here:

At the end, he gasps and says UGLY! It cut it off. Don't know why.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I only have 2 finals. One in Chemistry, and one in my COM class. I am excited for my COM final because it is going to be fun and I think easy. Chemistry is..... not. I hate that class. Also, the brilliant teacher who we like so much is giving us a test on Tuesday, meaning today, and our final is on Thursday. So nice, right? I call her mean names in my mind. I only have 2 finals because my other classes either ended in October, or they are online classes. I have homework in my online History class, but no final. Also, I am done with my Online Dance Class! Haha! No more youtube dancing for me! :) Wish me luck! or don't. Whatever.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To All Twilight Fans

Read these, they are funny!
They aren't the same as the ones on Callie and Meagans blogs.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I love Thanksgiving!

The post before was what I was looking foreward too. This is the After post. It isn't the same, but it is just as good!
I drove down by myself on Wednesday at 1:30. I was going to hitch a ride with someone, but they were all leaving at like, 4. No good. I was in a good mood driving home anyway because I filled my car up with gas and it cost LESS than 20 dollars!!!!! I did a dance in my car when I was driving out of the station.
I love living on my own and away from home because it makes going back so much happier! I get home and everyone gives me a hug and says Yay! It's like they really do like me! :) Funny story of when I got home. This will probably get my father in trouble, but it was just too funny to me! I am sitting at the dining room table just chatting with my mother who is right beside me, and my dad walks in right behind her. He gets my attention all sneaky like and MOUTHs to me, "You need to dye her hair!!!" He does all this pointing to me then to my mom, and then does the whole begging gesture with his hands together like he is praying or something! I wanted to laugh so hard!! But instead, I sneakilly(?) say, "Hey mom, you want to dye my hair?" And she says, "Not tonight. I'm too tired." And I say, "If you dye my hair, I will dye your hair!" She says, "OK!!!!" He gave me his cheesy smile with two BIG thumbs up. Ha Ha!!!
So, yeah. I dyed my hair. Last time I dyed it brown, it actually LOOKED brown. I remember that the name of the color I had last time had something to do with something edible or a spice or something. I found nutmeg. The picture on the box looked brown. Just like the color I had last time. Good thing this isn't a permanent color, because it looks BLACK!!!! I will have to get used to it.
I had fun WATCHING football! It was too dang cold for me! Janiel and I sat in her car and danced to music, but migrated to grandpa's truck with Meagan when she spilled her Large soda all over her seat. Ha! I mean.... sad. So sad. It was fun watching all the bloopers out on the field. We were the comentary for the whole thing. It was fun! We laughed at Cohen and his huddling, we gasped when Matt and Jeff collided, (That was the extent of our worry. We weren't about to run out into the cold to see if they were alright. There were plenty of people out there already.) and we liked looking at the full rainbow and breaks in the clouds over the mountain. So pretty!
I love the Udall Family Choir. We rock. Hallelujiah Chorus, Angels We Have Heard on High, Silent Night, Because I Have Been Given Much, Far Far Away on Judea's Plain, Candelight Carol, My Son, My King, and of course, Love At Home.
I love volleyball!!! It has to be the best sport in the whole entire world. I love, love, love it!! I can always count on a group of us playing during Thanskgiving. I miss it! I got a bruise, and I even gave a bruise! Sorry Jill.
Anyway, I felt loved again with all the hugs when I was leaving. I was excited to come back home to my own bed and see my roommate(s). I wasn't excited about getting back into the swing of school again, though. Every time there is a break where I go home, it feels like I shifted from first gear to third gear, meaning everything is slow and taking its time, and then I correct it and go back to second, which is where I speed back up and get back into the flow of traffic. Nice analogy, huh? I won't do it again, I promise. Anyway, Christmas isn't too far away. Which means Yay finals?? No. Not Yay....