Saturday, August 27, 2011


On August 6th, which was a Saturday, my Mom and I drove to New Jersey to pick up Brian's daughter Riley. She is a doll, to say the least. We then drove to Philly to pick up Brian and Dallin from the airport. Riley lives in NJ with her mom and Brian came to spend a week with her at our house in Delaware. On Wednesday the 10th, me, Mom, and Dallin left at 4am to pick up my friends Jeanie and Larry. It was a grand reunion and we used up our day exploring the historic parts of Philidelphia. I wanted to kick myself when my first thought when we got into Independance Hall was, "Hey, Nicholas Cage was here for National Treasure", instead of, "Wow, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin,..." I don't even like Nicholas Cage! He is ugly and a terrible actor. Anyway, we saw it all. Congress Hall, Liberty Bell, cemetery with some of our founding fathers, and the US Mint. The next day, my Mother and I left our house at 7:30 to make our way to D.C. We drove around the many hills on the Beltway and finally saw the Emerald City, I mean... D.C. Temple sticking way up above the trees. :) It is a very large temple. I think they said one of the largest built. They said even bigger than SLC? I don't know about that... but it was big! We stopped at the distribution center first, on account of it was my first time, and we had 15 minutes to spare by the time we got in for my scheduled 10:30. That's right people, I'm worthy!!! Haha! Not that I gave anyone a reason to think otherwise, but I now know what goes on inside the temple! When people say you don't talk about what goes on inside the temple, they mean you don't talk about what goes on inside the temple! I had so many questions running through my head, but as soon as it was time for me to ask them, I didn't know what I wanted to ask. I think a good diagnosis would be that I was "struck dumb". Well, more-so than normal. :) The best thing though, was that no matter how confused I felt, or how surprised I thought I was, the most overshadowing emotion I felt at that time was peace. Above everything else that I was thinking, I knew that what I had just witnessed was completely true. Even after I went home, I still felt it! It was like, I had my wisdom teeth out again and my dentist gave me an extra prescription for Happy pills. I guess Heavenly Father thought, "Gees, she is thinking way too much about this. She know she can come back whenever she wants and take it all in again, right? *sigh* I'm just going to dump some more 'FeelGood' on her head." That was a good feeling to have the rest of the week with good friends and family surrounding me. I felt so loved and content. The day after the temple, was... a Friday, and we spent the whole day at the beach. Our timing was perfect because the dolphins decided to come out when we got there. There were crabs in the sand where we were swimming and they would go after our toes. I swear I got pinched by a clam or something, because I had a sliver shaped blood blister on my big toe. That night, we walked over to the Hoffman's house and had s'mores around a campfire. The next day, it decided to rain. It was also transfer day, so that meant the main roads would be bumper to bumper with people leaving town from their week long vacation, and people entering town for their week on the beach. So, we pretty much chilled at home til it was time to drive to Philly to drop people off at the airport. It poured clear there. I got to drive the truck with Jeanie and Larry and we just jammed out to "He Is We" and "Hey Monday" all the way there. I felt bad that most of their stay was spent in a car and that we didn't get to see all the places we wanted to, but I'm glad that I have friends that came to support me instead of trying to get all they could out of their plane ticket. Overall, it was a good week.