Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh, Baby!

Just some dang cute pictures of this sweet little boy. He was super happy and cuddly last time I got to visit. Or I'm just funny-looking. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Skateboarding to OfficeMax

In case you didn't know already, I got another job at OfficeMax in the Printing section. Now, this is not my idea of an ideal part time job. It is the most boring job I've ever had. Ranging from selling 10 cent copies to laminating 20 papers. Awesome. But, its 2 miles away and I don't have to depend on anyone to get there. I just get my skateboard and I'm off. However. It's an obstacle course on that sidewalk. There are cracks and rocks and crazy twigs. Sprinklers go off all the time. And there are these trees. There is a whole mile that has trees that hang over the sidewalk. They have seeds that fall off all the time. They look like olives. But inside them, are pits or seeds or whatever that are the size of large pebbles. Or small rocks. Whichever is bigger. I skate over them holding my breath. Imagine, if you will, the part on Finding Nemo, where Bruce the giant shark is meandering his way through the mine field that will blow up at any second. I am Bruce in this analogy, winding my way through the mine fields of olive-looking seeds all over the sidewalk. I have flown plenty of times because my wheels hit the seeds and stops the board, but I keep moving. So. The reason for this post. If anyone has a bike that I can use, I will fix it up and make it all nice-like and put it to good use. It will save me about 10 minutes getting to work, and I won't have any battle scars from trekking through the mine fields. I will forever be in your debt. Or, I can buy you Yogurtland and we'll call it even. :)