Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holy Missionaries!!!!

So, Chris is back, David comes home today, and Dallin comes home in December. 2 years already? Really? That went by really fast! It seems like just yesterday that they ditched us to go serve. Dallin has been talking to his mission president to see when he will be coming home because school starts around the time he should be getting home. School starts on January 19th and he needs some time to get everything taken care of (clothes, living, registration, scholarship). In other words, he is coming home a little sooner than January 16th. He was shooting for December 17th, but got stuck with the 28th. Really? The 28th? 3 days? I'm sad about that. He's not going to have the huge family gathering at the airport that he thought he was going to have, but since Delaware is a few states away from Arizona, I'm thinking we might bring a mini Christmas tree or something and come in our pajamas. Or something. Fun ideas for that would be helpful! Holy Cow! I'm so excited for that day!

Chris' farewell (from left): Chris-Mozambique, Meagan, David- Brazil, Eric-Korea I believe?, Dallin-Texas :), Dena, Me.

Mom :)

It's entertaining to alternate between these pictures multiple times.