Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gonzo, Shmonzo...

I helped Luis Gonzalez pick out some sweat pants yesterday at the store. He came in with his brother and because everyone recognized him except me, I was the only one NOT freaking out. Winning hit and the World Series? Ok. Cool. You want a jacket to match?

Now, if Misty Mae or Kerri Walsh were to stroll in, then someone would have to administer CPR. I dare them to come visit Scottsdale. I dare them...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red Shoes

Another story from today. I think I've gotten to see all the different faces of Scottsdale, Arizona in just one week of working over there. I've gotten the spoiled brats that buy everything with Daddy's credit card, the stuck up people that won't accept your help unless absolutely necessary, the sweet old couples that love chatting, and we even had a homecoming/Frolic/Prom group come in... I don't know why. Anyway. I got a mix today. A sweet older couple came in and the lady says to me with her Spanish sounding accent, "You have all red shoes? I need all red shoes. But no holes on top." I say, "All red? You mean with no mesh on top?" I show her all kinds of examples of semi-red shoes, and she says, "I need all red shoes to hide the blood."

(Screeching Brakes!!!)

What!?!?!? I'm pretty sure I made a really weird face because she and her husband both said at the same time, "Oh, she is a surgeon! So sorry! Is ok! We're not scary!" Freaked me RIGHT OUT!!!
1) Ew! Blood all over your shoes??? What kind of surgery does she do???
2) I thought for 2 seconds she was a sweet little foreign serial killer who would do away with me if I didn't get her RED SHOES, and
3) It is now extremely funny to me. I guess I've watched one too many episodes of Criminal Minds lately to think someone like her would really be capable of hacking people up.

All Red Shoes! Hahaha!!!

Filthy Rich

I now understand what that means. Filthy Rich. Let me enlighten you with a story:

When we first opened our Nike store up in Scottsdale, I felt kind of bad because our managers told us that our main job is to talk customers up to buying more, More, MORE! In my mind, it sort of felt dishonest for some reason. But that quickly changed. Today, a young girl came in with her fit-your-closet-in-it Prada bag. She looked READY to shop. She said she was looking for a jacket because it was raining outside and she was getting her hair done in 2 hours. So, I show her the most pricey jackets we have. One was $160, one was $360, and the last one was $420. Guess which one she chose? $420 in 3 minutes. But just wait. I say to her, "Oh, I love that jacket. And the best thing is, we have so many shirts that would go great with it!" As I'm catching all the shirts she picks up to try on, I say, "This shirt has leggings that are meant to go with it. Would you like to try those on as well?" Get the picture? I don't think she said no to me once. I got clear down to 2 pairs of running shoes. And everything in between. I take her mountain of stuff to the cashier, and he rings her up. Her total? Almost $800. !!!! And do you know what she says!? And I quote:

"Wow, thats it? Maybe I should get more stuff.... I already spent double that over at TJMax..."

Oh, my gosh! Isn't that just... disgusting??? So there you go.

Disgusting, filthy rich.

Lucky. haha

Thursday, October 7, 2010


My first couple of days on the job! I'm having SO much fun! All of the people I work with are so fun and happy and talkative and goofy. It makes long hours of redundant tasks go by a lot faster.

Day 1: I got to be part of the "Stocking Team". Meaning, I saw a bazillion pairs of orange Nike Boxes with very expensive shoes in them. I was the person on the ladder teetering on my toes to get the last box on the very top of the piles.

Day 2: We broke out all the T-shirts. Two bazillion of those. Times 2 story building. Lots of hanging and sizing and re-hanging because there are certain hangers, styles, colors, blah blah blah. Pcheeewww! (fingers shaped like gun against my temple)

Day 3 (today): I have to say today was the funnest so far. Me and my friend Brett got to be the "Visual Floor Assistants". Which means, we got to do all the display shoes. :) We went to the back, got every size 9 left shoe of every style, put display stickers on the boxes, re-laced them, put the shoe shaper things in them, and we got to arrange them on the walls to make them look legit. Just so you know, 15 golf shoes falling off the wall on top of you does not feel good. The Tiger Woods shoes came after me like I was his mistress or something...
P.S. One of my cool Visual Coaches told us that for our staff dress, we get to go around the day before opening and choose which clothes. Because staff dress has to be something they are selling in the store. :) Also, the shoes I have to choose from (not those colors):

Women's Air Max 2010
Nike Shox NZ
I have a legit job. And I'm happy with everything right now. :)