Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Office Max

I was at work the other day, and my shift was from 8-4. I am the cashier/front counter person that collects the dimes for copies.... yeah... lame. But today, my first customer was a blond lady who came in with her Starbucks, ready to go. She gave me her flashdrive, picked out the paper she wanted it printed on, and I pushed print. I went to pick up the paper and as I was walking back to give it to her, I saw a cute picture of her holding a baby girl, and the title underneath was "The Day I Died". I guessed from how it was set up that it was the front and back cover for a book. She noticed me looking at her paper and she explained what it was all about. I was very impressed and remembered her name so I could look her up on youtube. This video is of her on some Christian talk show. Skip ahead to 24:30, watch as long as you want, it tells her whole story clear to the end.

The host guy talks a lot, but that tells her whole story. Holy Shmoley, right? Amazing story... I might like Office Max if I had cool people come in all the time like that. But alas, I'm leaving for Delaware to put in my mission papers... :)