Monday, July 12, 2010

I guess there has to be a first for everything...

We took family pictures. All wearing white shirts. And dark jeans. Barefoot. At the beach. Could you just die!? I think it's hillarious/ridiculous.

Dallin and I took a separate car to meet the rest of our family who had to pick up my Dad and Sis. Hoffman (photographer). It was very funny trying to pose on the beach in our silly matching outfits in front of people in bathing suits and fishermen. When we were driving home, me in the driver seat, Dallin being the passenger, we came upon a small intersection. I didn't have a stop sign, but the guy in the SUV did. I kept driving. I saw him stop, but then he pulled out into the middle of the road right in front of me. 3 seconds before I slammed on the brakes, held my breath, then closed my eyes, I saw him look up over his left arm that was holding his cell phone to his ear. I don't remember any loud crashing sounds, and I don't remember him wobbling his car off the side of the road, but I do remember all the smoke coming in through the AC. And the airbags in my face. And the shattered windshield. And my door not being able to open. And the rear-view mirror hanging down off the ceiling. Luckily, there were people sitting on their porch in the house by the intersection, and there was a very nice lady driving behind the guy who pulled out. The hick porch people called the police and the driver lady stayed to talk to the police officer. I think the hick woman made it sound like there were multiple casualties to the dispatcher, because fire marshals came, a firetruck with like 10 firemen came out, an ambulance came that had to call in and cancel the SECOND ambulance that was coming. But only one police officer came. Lucky for us, the guy told the truth and took all the blame. He admitted to pulling out in front and all that jazz. No injuries on anyone, either! I have a little rash on my collar bone from the seatbelt, but I'm not complaining!

My first car accident EVER and it happened on some small road in the middle of Georgetown, Delaware. What the heck?!

P.S. Every time I look at our new family photos, I get to be reminded of this. Awesome.