Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why I Am Excited For Thanksgiving:

1. Food, duh. That one doesn't have to be explained. It is tastey, but it is also such a fun meal! Everyone crowded and eating and talking and laughing and in everyones business! Doesn't sound very happy, but I love it!
2. The large quantity of family that comes every year! Well, should come. I love having so many people crowded into the one living room that has tables from wall to wall. It makes things more exciting/interesting/chlaustrophobic. Its great!
3. Football is fun. It usually morphs from co-ed to just guys because the girls only touch the ball during the first 5 minutes of the game, but whatever. Its fun running around pretending like you know what your doing. The crazy plays are fun too. There is always the one where you put the ball in someones shirt and make them run down the field while another person fakes that they have the ball. Works every time, right?
4. Singing!!! Thanksgiving is like the transition to Christmas. And there are no Thanksgiving songs, so the Udall Family Choir just whips out the Hallelujah Chorus. Also Angels We Have Heard On High. Thats a favorite. I love our singing time! What the primary?
5. I am way excited for the ZipLine! It just seems like Udall houses are meant to have one. I have many memories zipping from the old pear tree, and now I will get to do it again! Yay!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love Ebay!

I think it is my new best friend. Only because it gives me movies that cost as little as $4. That includes shipping costs. I've purchased at least 6 movies for under $20. My movie collection keeps getting bigger and I love it. I am now the proud owner of:

I love movies!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jumping Pictures!

When we take pictures, we take jumping pictures. Why you ask? Because they are really cool!

Jeanie came to our house one time and we played on the trampoline in water. What a perfect place to take jumping pictures! Trampoline, duh!

I think this one is so cool! This is Sarah grabbing the sun.



I skydive without parachutes and live to tell about it!
Or I use photoshop and make it look cool!

Wake-boarding! I love this picture!

Fully clothed.

We are Vampires!


This one is destined to be a Header someday...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Monday, November 3, 2008


Attention all Udall family members! I have an awesome roommate who has an awesome family who play a very awesome game called Nertz! I vote that we adopt this game into our card playing tradition! It is very very fun and competitive! Also, a lot of people can play. I guess it would be for people who don't want to play 10 to 1. So, younger generation family members? Don't get offended, anyone. Also, you use decks of Rook cards so if there are people who think that using face cards is of the devil, you can feel better about that. ? There you go. Lets start a new tradition!

Happy Halloween!

Jeanie invited me to carve pumpkins at her brother's house. We picked out a cool template and we had all the right tools to do it right. It turned out so awesome! I am so proud of our pumpkin. It rocks! If you can't tell what it is (two of her brothers couldn't tell what they were looking at) it is a vampire face. Sort of looking off to the side. I love her family! They are awesome!

We did a vampire pumpkin because that is what we dressed up as. I will have pictures of us later!