Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Show Low!

I got to go with Jeanie to Show Low last weekend! It was fun! And cold! She went with me to Safford a couple of times, so I guess it was my turn to go with her. Her parents are so awesome! They are so fun! Thanks for the cinnamon rolls, harmonica lessons, and breakfast in bed!

I think everyone did this in their childhood!

No, I'm not picking my nose....

I told her to climb in between some rocks and make a squished face. I have a fun roommate!

When she says jump, I listen!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elder Gordon!

I love writing to Dallin. Because I get a letter back that is so great, that it makes everything better! I can't help but jump up and down when I find one in the mail, but I also can't help being sad when there isn't anything. Jeanie and I both write to him, and since we live in the same place, why not send him our letters at the same time? That is what we do. So the return letters are addressed to The Girls! We used to fight over who got to read it first, but not anymore. We learned our lesson from that one. In the last letter he actually sent us his TOENAIL!!!! So we could always have "a piece of me with you". It was dirty, but still funny. We are sending him a wad of hair, which is not hard to come by when living in a house with 4 other girls. We also send tapes! We actually send CD's, but he sends tapes, because they're cheap at the thrift stores. We got one today!!!! I love the tapes even more than his letters. They are hillarious! Can I just tell you! We quote them all the time. So funny!!! In one of his letters he sent pictures with things written on the back:

Gordon Street. Your Boy!

The owner of this house we didn't think was home. We knocked, no one came to the door, right when my comp took the picture, the guy came out. Very awkward. He was fat... Surprise!

I got this suit in Waco. Como Se Dice... Yikes!

This is in the parking lot of a Baptist church. I really like Fort Worth.

There was no caption on this one...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


My wonderful cousin Dena got married today! She is amazing and I love her! She looked beautiful and it was all perfect! I am so glad I know her! She has been a big part of my life so far. Good luck to you and Jacob. I love ya!

Dallin and Dena's graduation. I was an usher.

Girls Camp '07.

Their Seminary Graduation

So fun!

I saw this on Callies blog. This is so fun! When I am bored, this is what I do. Look at different hairstyles on me! You can put make-up on yourself, whiten your teeth, put eyeshadow on, mascara, lipstick, everything. I enjoy it! So much fun!

Me and Allison. A Bob?

Me and Jeanie! We will one day have long hair again...

*Gasp* ! ..... UGLY!