Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Day

March 1st, 2011- Free Day
Anything that has the word Free in it is alright in my book. And I had a whole day with a whole lot of free. So, in other words, today was a good day.

8:30 am- Leave apartment for work. Got a ride with my roommate because her clinic is close to the store. I have all happy customers that are happy for my help, which makes it go by so much faster. When 2:15 rolls around, my manager says, "Hey, go in the back and tell Lyndsay to get you your new staff dress." Yes! New staff dress! It consists of:

2 shirts
Another black jacket

2 pairs of yoga pants
And some fantastic new running shoes

But wait! Thats not all! I got a text after I got off work that said today was International Pancake Day at IHop! That means free pancakes! So, I told as many friends as I could about it, but only one had the free time to go. So me and Larry went to IHop and ate free pancakes!

After that, Larry and I went to CSL Plasma and let them stick large needles in us for $50! And you are aloud to do it twice a week! If I do that religiously for a month, thats 400 bucks!

So, yeah. It was a good day. I hope everyone has a Free Day sometime soon. I find it very therapeutic.